At Helix, we focus on quality which is embedded within everything that we do, we operate a quality system to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 rev D.

We believe in achieving industry-leading standards of quality engineering through the application of cutting-edge technology. Training is key and continual improvement is embraced by the whole team.

We take pride in the performance level we deliver at every step of the process from enquiry to final delivery, our product related processes have been developed to ensure that we adhere to both Customer and Industry standard quality requirements. Our customer portfolio and accreditation’s are further testament to our commitment to quality.

Helix Precision is the quality solution for businesses no matter how tight their budgets, tolerances or deadlines. We deliver uncompromising quality; sub-standard products are never acceptable, whatever the final application.

Quality features delivered by Helix Precision include:

  • Aberlink Zenith 3 1500 CNC CMM – Measuring Range  X1000  Y1500  Z600mm
    Fully Motorised Renishaw Probe Head 
  • Track Pro Software to Control Gauges and Metrology Calibration Schedules 
  • Temperature controlled inspection environment 
  • Brown & Sharp Etalon CMM  
  • Full traceability
  • Full MRP System that covers all aspects of Quality & FAIR Reports 

To find out more about how your next project could benefit from the stringent quality control processes in place at Helix Precision, please get in touch with our team.