Helix have been involved with the Automotive Sector for 5 years Supplying key components and tooling to prestige Automotive clients.

  • The British motor industry has always been export-orientated.
  • Today it employs over 800,000 people and produced about 1 million cars and 120,000 commercial vehicles last year, 75% of which are exported. The top five UK car producers are Nissan Motors, Toyota, Honda, MINI and Land Rover.
  • However, international competitiveness of UK cars has declined consistently since the 1990’s and the country became unable to sustain production on par with Germany or France. Since 2000, motor vehicle production has fallen from 1,813,894.
  • The country has been overtaken by fast industrialising economies such as Brazil, India and Mexico.
  • The UK is the 13th largest automobile producer in the world.